How to:

  1. Lie face-down on the floor. The weight of the body will be on the chest.
  2. The hands are to be palms-down on the
  3. Raise the body using the arms with weight supported by the hands and the balls of the
  4. Go down by lowering the torso on the
    grounds as the elbows make a 900 angle.
  5. Keep the head facing ahead, and the body
    straight all through the exercise.
  6. Breathe in while going down, and breathe
    out while rising up.
  7. The push strength should come from the
    chest and the shoulders together.
  8. Repeat this lowering and lifting steadily, as long as comfortable.


  1. Good for cardiovascular system
  2. Prevents lower back injuries
  3. Improves posture
  4. Good for the whole body muscles