How To Stay Healthy While You Travel

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Does Berberine Assist In Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal, your focus should be on targeting specific hormonal pathways that are out of balance in YOUR body. Berberine happens to impact several of these hormonal pathways and this is probably one of the main reasons that berberine has been shown to help with weight loss. Before we begin I want to point out that berberine is best used if it is part of a comprehensive weight loss plan that includes other targeted supplements, hormones (as necessary), dietary changes and other lifestyle changes. So now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about the many ways that berberine may help with weight loss.

Targets insulin resistance and helps treat Diabetes. One of the most important effects of berberine is how it interacts with the hormone insulin. Insulin levels drive weight gain and many diseases.What you may not understand about insulin is that about 50% of patients in the US have insulin resistance to some degree. Almost every patient who is overweight (defined as 10+ pounds beyond “normal” weight) has some degree of insulin resistance. Part of the problem is in the diagnosis and management of insulin levels because most physicians don’t treat this condition until you’ve crossed the line into the diabetic range. This is unfortunate because many people have high fasting insulin levels but technically don’t fall into the category of being diabetic, and thus they don’t receive treatment. So how does berberine alter insulin levels? Berberine actives a protein called AMPK. The activation of this protein results in sensitizing your body to insulin, activates the fat burning enzymes in your body and helps reduce body fat stores. This effect is so strong that berberine has been shown in studies to have the same blood glucose lowering effects as the prescription medication metformin.

Induces brown fat break down and increases fat break down overall​. When it comes to fat cells, not all fat is bad fat. In your body some of your fat is known as “brown” fat, and this is the good fat. Brown fat actually helps your body burn more fat by increasing heat production. Basically, you want more brown fat and less of the other fat like visceral fat that occurs as a result of refined sugar/carbohydrates/insulin. Berberine actually help enhance the amount of brown fat in your body. Studies have shown that this increase results in an increase in resting energy expenditure (metabolism), limits weight gain, reduces cold intolerance (by virtue of increasing body temperature) and increases brown fat production.

Not bad, right? so one should focus on one important point mentioned above, Berberine helps to reduce cold intolerance by increasing body temperature.This is really important because it reflects berberine’s capacity to increase metabolism (likely through mitochondrial production + brown fat production).The more energy your body produces at baseline, the more heat that is released, the more calories you burn and the higher your metabolism is. This is yet another way that berberine may improve metabolism overall and help with weight loss.


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So I know with the covid-19 response going around and everybody being on stay-at-home orders that is kind of difficult to think of how the world usually conducts itself around this time of the year.  well let’s think about it for a second right now is April 20th 4:20 and what would normally be going on around this time is the NFL draft I know every year I would get together with some friends or I would either just you know sit down and relaxing from the TV and grab a couple of Beverages. Maybe a beer or you know a shot of something and enjoy the draft. At this time of the year is just not going to happen the same way. The NFL is doing their draft virtual and it’s going to be a lot different. So it’s just amazing to see how our world has changed due to this covid-19 response. What else would be going on around this time of the year, well I remember in college it was “around the world” day,…. which turned into Earth Day and back when I was in college they would on Earth Day they would set up tables all around this one park. They would put beer at every table you pay one price to get into the park and you go around and you drink beer all day. I remember one particular year one of my friends paid to get in and he didn’t pay into drink he paid to get in and he collected the cans that were all around the park and he took his friend with him to the park together they collected the cans and when they loaded up the car, there were so many he told his friend I’m sorry you’re going to have to walk back to the campus. He said I’m going to take all of the cans and return them for the money. 

So  it’s a very interesting time in the world and it reminds me of all of the drinking that used to take place in around the world and how big I was and I remember that I wish that now that I know about that herb berberine which keeps your insulin level low when doing all of that drinking I wouldn’t have packed on so much weight you know what bourbon does to the body is it stops your insulin from spiking and the Studies have shown in bed when you are going to drink alcohol beer or liquor that if you take berberine ahead of time it will not so much as help you to burn fat but it will stop your body from going into what’s called fat storage mode so if you can keep your body out of fat storage mode and keep it exactly where it is even when you’re not exercising that’s the key to losing weight.

We’re not going to make every step along the way correct, we’re not going to make every meal a fat loss meal,  sometimes you have to add in a supplement and Berberine is one of those supplements. So if you are going to enjoy this virtual NFL draft that they’re going to have, or if you’re going to an Earth Day celebration and you know that you’re trying to lose weight, and you know that you still are going to drink, whether it be  liquor beer wine get yourself some berberine.You’ll notice the difference and after a month when you’re you noticed that you’ve been been enjoying things the way that you wanted to and you haven’t gained weight. You’ll be thankful that you are taking the Berberine. So get together with your friends and your family when this covid-19is over. Fellowship with your friends and family when this  stay-at-home order is over because we see that we can have our freedom and our movement taken from us with in just a drop of a dime. So thank God for allowing us to get together with friends and family when we can and let’s take advantage of those opportunities when all of this is over. If you’re looking for any other tips, come to our site and there yours find resources for yoga, weight training, and all types of exercises.