How to track the calories

So, what I like to do when I start tracking my food is to decide what are going to be the amount of calories that I want to take in for the day. The body needs 3500 calories to equal 1lb of body weight. So, I would divide 3500 by three meals if I’m going to eat three times a day, or if I’m going to try to eat five meals a day then divide the 3500 by 5. Just doing this simple step at the beginning of the week will put your brain on the frequency of what you’re going to eat and what you’re not going to eat. God made it whereas once you put your brain on the frequency of what you are and what you are not going to do the human body will go ahead and execute with the main brain, which is essentially your computer. Your computer is programmed to help the body as a whole. You don’t even have to create your own menu; however, you can create your own menu if you desire. But remember, there are plenty of apps out there that you can find and use at your own disposal to help you to lose the weight. Note: ones like MyFitnessPal cannot connect to Samsung. Alternatively, you can get a heart rate monitor like we did and get the ticker, RX. It connected to our cell phones and showed us how many calories we burned after every workout. These are the little tips that you can use every day to help you to lose the weight.

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