How To Stay Fit, Happy and Healthy

Rest all day. A simple battle of physical activity completes the weekly recommendations. Use the exercises listed below as inspiration for daily activities. Doing household chores such as dancing, playing with children, cleaning and gardening are other ways to be active at home.


Take an online training course. Take advantage of a variety of online courses. Many of them are free and can be found on YouTube. If you have no experience with this practice, be careful and consider your own limitations.


You walk. Walking or walking on the floor, even in hard-to-reach places, can help you stay active. Speaking, do not sit down, do not talk and do not walk around the house. To walk or train, keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others.


Get up, shorten your travel time and get up, if possible. Ideally, sit down every 30 minutes and avoid sitting. Use the high table to set the table or to lay books or other materials so that you can continue to work while standing. In your free time, give priority to stimulating cognitive activities such as reading, board games and puzzles.


Keep Calm Meditation and deep breathing can help you stay calm. Here are some examples of mitigation techniques that may inspire you.

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